Watch IShowSpeed Accidentally Buy A 6 Figure Roblox NFT

 Watch IShowSpeed Accidentally Buy A 6 Figure Roblox NFT

YouTube star Darren famously known as “IShowSpeed” purchased the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora NFT worth 14,000,000 Robux. The fat finger error caused the YouTube star $125,000.

Darren was astounded to see the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora’s exorbitant price and began clicking on the Buy button in jest. To his surprise, the transaction went through.

The content creator was browsing his official Discord server, when a viewer shared a link to the NFT fedora in the Roblox game.

IShowSpeed loses it over Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora NFT

Darren expressed shock saying he expected a verification message to appear before the $125,000 transaction went through.

IShowSpeed was an hour into his broadcast when he was checking out expensive and unique items in Roblox. Darren said,

“Chat, do we buy this? (The streamer observes the price o

f the item) Do we buy it? The most rarest item on Roblox right now. The most rarest item in Roblox right now!”

The eccentric YouTube star then went on to buy the item.

The YouTube star is known for such stunts

IShowSpeed is a well-known YouTube influencer known for eccentric behavior. Earlier, on May 17, 2023, the Ohio native spent $100,000 worth of Robux from a viewer’s account just to troll them. Many expressed skepticism about the purchase as a setup to garner views.

IShowSpeed asked his audience how he could get a refund and undo that transaction for the rare in-game item. He then had his famous breakdown upon seeing that the average price of the fedora was 4,394,617 Robux.

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