US Representative Unveils Bill To Block CBDC Pilot Program

 US Representative Unveils Bill To Block CBDC Pilot Program

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are calling to block a central bank digital currency (CBDC) from being issued in the United States. In the latest development, Rep. Alex Mooney of West Virginia has introduced the Digital Dollar Pilot Prevention Act, which aims to prevent the Federal Reserve from launching a pilot program to test the operability of a CBDC within the U.S. financial system.

Mooney Leads Efforts To Prevent CBDC

While anti-CBDC sentiment is not new, Mooney’s bill specifically addresses the possibility of a pilot program, aiming to close the “loophole” that could allow the Federal Reserve to implement a test run without congressional permission. According to recent reports, the proposed legislation would effectively halt the development of a CBDC at its very origin.

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In April, the Federal Reserve stated that it had not yet decided on issuing a CBDC and emphasized the importance of clear support from Congress. Moreover, the Office of Science and Technology Policy also sought input on CBDC-related research and development initiatives earlier this year.

Concerns Grow Over Govt. Surveillance

CBDCs critics have voiced concerns over increased government surveillance and threats to privacy if the Federal Reserve were to implement a digital dollar. With money becoming entirely digital and under sole government control, some argue that a CBDC would grant federal officials unprecedented access to individuals’ financial data. Loyalists, on the other hand, argue that a digital dollar could enhance financial inclusion in the U.S. by eliminating transaction fees that currently exclude many Americans from accessing financial services.

The 51-year-old Republican cited China’s rollout of its digital yuan pilot program as an example, expressing concerns that what initially began in four cities has now expanded to over 25 cities, with the eventual goal of nationwide implementation. Mooney’s proposed legislation has already won the backing of 15 other Republicans serving in the House of Representatives. Among them are Representatives Pete Sessions of Texas, Bill Posey of Florida, and Byron Donalds of Florida, all of whom have been outspoken advocates for reducing the scope of government supervision and intrusion.

As the debate surrounding CBDCs intensifies, the fate of the Federal Reserve’s potential pilot program remains uncertain. Whether the Digital Dollar Pilot Prevention Act gains traction in Congress and shapes the future of digital currency in the United States remains to be seen.

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