Top 3 metaverse coins to put in your portfolio

 Top 3 metaverse coins to put in your portfolio

There is a lot of hype and talk about the metaverse and what it can bring to human interaction. Also, in the last few months, we have seen massive surges in metaverse investments. There is no doubt this is an industry that has so much to offer in the long term. Here is why:

  • The metaverse is offering new frontiers for content creators to reach new audiences.

  • The immersive experience offered by this virtual world will have so many applications.

  • Billions of dollars in institutional money are already flowing into metaverse projects.

Despite all these factors, finding decent metaverse investments that are truly worth your money is hard. But the three coins below should be a great start:

Ceek (CEEK)

Ceek is a robust metaverse platform designed for music and other live shows. The initial goal is to provide a platform for immersive virtual concerts and live music events. However, the project has been expanding its offerings in order to accommodate other types of creators.

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There is a plan to bring in live sports and other acts as well. CEEK has already rolled out several virtual real estate on its platform, including virtual concert halls. It has also partnered with several major artists, including Lady Gaga and others.

Dreams Quest Origins

Dreams Quest Origins is an upcoming metaverse play-to-earn game set in a mystical virtual universe. The project is still under development but has so far released various teaser videos that suggest it has all the potential to be huge. The gameplay looks vivid, and the project already has big-name investors too.

DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL)

DeFi Kingdoms is a fully integrated metaverse that includes both P2E gaming and decentralised finance as well. The game is relatively new but has been getting a lot of fans. The market cap is still low, so the chances of an epic rise are very high.

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