The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 20 – Goat Soup’s Dark Night Of The Soul

 The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 20 – Goat Soup’s Dark Night Of The Soul

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: It’s been a rough couple of months for the Goat Soup project. The immense star power of Andy Milonakis wasn’t enough to make it an instant success, and the NFT’s utility is taking longer than a portion of the public expected. As he usually does, Milonakis has been battling his doubters and trolls in never-ending back and forths, but we’re not going to cover those. We’re here to talk NFTs.

Let’s give Milonakis himself the mic, as he updates us in video form about the Goat Soup NFT World, the famous free mint of a hip hop song for holders, the parties mixed with art shows, and his conversations with the Sandbox. The most important thing, though, is that Milonakis won’t quit like other influencers. He’s Goat Soup for life.

This is not just talk, in the following video you can see the “first preview of our Goat Soup NFT Worlds, our starting games will be 1v1 and parkour and we will add more soon so you can earn more WRLD.” 

In another tweet, Milonakis gave us more details, “our world is done, just need to get the server and tokenomics set, and I’ll stream it as soon as it’s ready to get people familiar with how it works.” We should also point out that the Goat Soup NFT World is verified.

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WRLD price chart on Coinex | Source: WRLD/USDT on

Why Doesn’t Milonakis Promote Goat Soup?

The reality is, Milonakis won’t shut up about his NFT project. However, people accuse him of underpromoting Goat Soup. In the following tweet, he makes the reasons for that abundantly clear. “It’s still early because when I promote it, people instantly call me a scammer, I also don’t want to ask big “influencers” to post it because it’s pushy and weird.”

And in this other one, he echoes what we were saying. He won’t shut up about Goat Soup and is ever-present in the NFT space. “ Anyone that is paying attention in the space knows I’ve been active as f*ck in discord, twitter spaces, events. I’m not some cringe celeb that makes 1 video about his NFT collection and you never hear from him again.”

The Story About Goat Soup’s Floor Price

When Gary Vee got a Goat Soup and tweeted about it, the Floor Price rose. Since then, it’s been in decline. When Milonakis did this video announcement the Floor Price was 0.08 ETH.

In one hour he got results, the Floor Price rose once again, this time to 0.119 ETH. In another tweet, Milonakis informed us, “we had about 40 sales, I really appreciate it.” On the Goat Soup Discord, Andy elaborated. “I feel like this pump was nice but I can’t wait til the utility starts rolling out because I know how close we are now. As soon as we get the NFT world live, I’ll be streaming it, gonna have a meeting with a group that does the building and web hosting, should be quick since our world is built already” 

This video in which he says all of this is far more entertaining, though.

Of course, the NFT World isn’t the only metaverse Goat Soup will be a part of. We already told you about Milonakis’ collaboration with Worldwide Webb, and in the following tweet he announces his investments in Arcade Land. “Just bought a large Arcade land and 3 standards. The large one I’ll see if we can develop some Goat soup stuff with it and the other 3 are an investment”

And speaking about Worldwide Webb, check out this apartment with Goat Soup posters.

Last but not least, check out this phenomenal Goat Soup ad:

The Life Of An NFT Collector

Milonakis’ NFT collection is an essential part of this show. Let’s check out the latest pieces he acquired, and, most interestingly, the ones he sold.

  • The Pudgy Penguins are back, and to “celebrate the rebirth of PP,” Andy got this bad boy: 
  • The EightBit Me collection isn’t as popular as the ones usually featured in this space, but Milonakis is supporting them with this buy and subsequent tweet.
  • Before selling the Bored Ape that he got in Episode 12, Andy tweeted, “Can’t believe my ape is worth 100eth over what i paid for it, plus with that ape coin bonus… sheesh. I gotta try to sell it and hopefully find a dip in the near future to buy one back.” He ended up selling it for 121,5 ETH.
  • He also tried to sell it as part of this bundle, “a spinner Bored Ape and his M2 Mutant brother as a bundle for 160 ETH. Cheapest spinner rn is 140.” Even though it was a bargain, no one bought it. 

And that’s our #20 episode. What will Andy Milonakis do to keep this show interesting? You’ll have to keep your eye on Bitcoinist to find out. 

Featured Image: Goat Soup NFT World screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView

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