Online Perpetrators Steal Ethereum And NFTs From Yuga Labs Through Server Hack

 Online Perpetrators Steal Ethereum And NFTs From Yuga Labs Through Server Hack

Server hacking using phishing messages and links is increasing with Ethereum and crypto market. The perpetrators usually gain access to the server to post malicious links and messages. Once someone clicks on the links and provides personal details, there’ll lose their assets.

The crypto space has again marked another server hack incident leading to the loss of about 200 Ethereum in NFTs. The incident is on the Discord server of Yuga Labs’ project, the Bore Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

A Twitter post had revealed the loss of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worth about $360,000. A Twitter user, NFTherder, first reported the incident was through the hacking of the Discord server of the BAYC.

The user has given an estimate of 145 Ethereum, worth $260,000 of the stolen value for the NFTs. Also, he mentioned that he had traced the funds to 4 different wallets.

Online Perpetrators Steal Ethereum And NFTs From Yuga Labs Through Server Hack
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The hack came through phishing links that the attacker posted on the Discord server of the project. Post was through the compromised Discord account of Boris Vagner, the project’s community manager.

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Also, the attacker posted the links to the Discord of Otherside, the metaverse project of the BAYC. Further, in its confirmation tweet, Yuga Labs stated that it’s still undertaking investigatory measures over the attack.

Yuga Labs had suffered two previous attacks, with this recent one making it the third. The first attack was on the theft of Mutant Ape Yacht Club through a phishing link on the project’s Discord. It occurred on April 1.

The second attack came through a fake link posting on Otherside minting from the Discord and Instagram accounts of Bored Ape Yacht Club. This occurred on April 25.

Hackers Stole Ethereum And NFTs Using Discord Messages

Besides managing the BAYC, Boris Vagner is also the manager for Richard Vagner, his brother, a multi-instrumentalist. Richard, a Grammy-winner, together with Boris, founded Spoiled Banana Society (SBS), an NFT club based on football fantasy. There was also a post of similar phishing links from the attacker on the Discord channel of SBS. However, Richard mentioned the message being deleted.

Using a Discord message as of 09:00 UTC, Richard Vagner had notified the public of the serve hack. He mentioned that they had reclaimed his brother’s account and their discord control. Also, he anticipated that users had not opened the links while being excited about not deleting the entire discord server.

Richard had confirmed the hacking of both the Discords servers of BAYC and Otherside. Though they are yet to receive information on anyone affected within the SBS channel, he has demanded more information from their club members.

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Also, he maintained that they would keep up within the coming days for any possible feedback. Richard further advised the members to remain safe. One of the phishing attacks experienced in the NFT sector last week was on Seth Green, a prominent actor. The attacker succeeded in ripping him off his Bored Ape NFT and Ethereum.

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