Did LUNA Foundation Sell Its Bitcoin (BTC)?

 Did LUNA Foundation Sell Its Bitcoin (BTC)?

It appears that the Luna foundation is taking steps towards rectifying the volatility issues that its digital tokens are facing. A wallet address that market players have traced to be Luna’s, has sold $1.4 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC). Market observers are speculating that the move is sketchier than it looks.

Where are the funds being sent to?

Luna emptied their Bitcoin reserve, and although it is not certain where the transferred Bitcoins are being moved to, the move has drawn in a lot of criticism from onlookers in the crypto space. Following the $1.4 billion withdrawal, the funds were split into two 12,530 Bitcoins and 30,000 Bitcoin. It also appears that a part of the Bitcoins has been sent to Okex exchange.

Luna’s founder took to twitter to set the records straight, explaining the reason for the transaction.

“Haven’t sold bitcoin yet – the txn just went out. It’s a loan to a market maker – if UST imbalance happens we will use BTC to rebalance, and if demand is surplus we will buy BTC We plan to eventually redeem this entire clip in bitcoin, let’s see.” He tweeted.

Luna continues to shed losses while observers anticipate the next possible move

Meanwhile, LunaUST has responded to the move with continuous decline. At the time of this report, data from Coinmarketcap shows that daily losses have surpassed 6%. The price of TerraUST nosedived on Saturday to an all-time low, and has since lost its $1 peg to the United state’s dollar. Although the this is the first time TerraUST is taking a major hit since January, there’s no telling when it will reclaim $1, and how soon that will be.

One observer shared his sentiments, reckoning that the Luna Foundation is using UST to stir up a crypto market crisis. His sentiments are mirrored by many others, who insisted that Luna might be trying to create a black swan situation.

“UST creating crypto’s crisis, just like the subprime crisis in GFC 2008. Unlike the fed where they can print unlimited money, this will only drag everything lower. It’s best they just let this Ponzi burn to hell.” The observer tweeted.

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