Despite Warren’s Concerns, Senate Passes Crypto Bill Allowing Banks to Hold Bitcoin

 Despite Warren’s Concerns, Senate Passes Crypto Bill Allowing Banks to Hold Bitcoin

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has called on the Senate to vote against proposed legislation allowing highly regulated financial firms to provide custody services for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Her opposition stems from concerns over the safety and security of digital assets in the hands of financial institutions. This call comes amid a broader debate on how cryptocurrencies should be integrated into the financial system.

Elizabeth Warren Urges NO Vote on Crypto Bill

Senator Warren has long criticized digital assets, linking them to terrorism and misconduct. Last month, she enacted a letter highlighting concerns over stablecoins and their potential exploitation by terrorist organizations and rogue nations. She believes that placing digital assets in the hands of financial institutions could pose significant risks to their safety and security. According to Elizabeth Warren, the lack of robust regulatory frameworks around digital assets makes them susceptible to misuse and fraud, further endangering the financial system.


Her stance is rooted in the belief that digital assets, while innovative, require stringent oversight to prevent illicit activities. The senator’s call for a NO vote on the legislation reflects her broader skepticism towards cryptocurrencies and their integration into the mainstream financial sector. She argues that without adequate safeguards, the financial system could be exposed to new vulnerabilities, potentially leading to significant financial instability.

Senate Passes Crypto Custody Bill

However, Senator Warren’s position has faced significant opposition. Fellow Senator Cynthia Lummis urged the Senate to vote YES on the legislation, arguing that highly regulated financial firms are the safest custodians for digital assets. Lummis stated that financial institutions have the necessary infrastructure and experience to manage digital assets, thereby protecting investors securely.


In addition, XRP pro-crypto lawyer John Deaton criticized Warren’s focus on digital assets, suggesting it was a misplaced priority. Deaton argued that Massachusetts faces several pressing issues, such as illegal immigration, deficit spending, and income inequality, which should take precedence over the regulation of cryptocurrencies. He contended that Warren’s efforts were more aligned with the interests of the banking industry than with addressing the state’s immediate concerns.


Despite Senator Warren’s call to action, the Senate voted to repeal Gensler’s anti-crypto rule SAB121, with 51 votes in favor. Key Democratic senators broke party lines to support the repeal. The decision now rests with President Biden, who must choose whether to veto the legislation or let it pass.


The president’s decision carries significant political implications. A veto could align him with anti-crypto sentiments, potentially alienating pro-crypto voters and industry stakeholders. On the other hand, allowing the legislation to pass is a move towards modernizing the financial system and embracing technological innovation. This decision is critical as it could influence voter sentiment in the upcoming election, making it a pivotal moment for the Biden administration.

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