Cardano’s Marlowe Protocol Undergoes Comprehensive Audit

 Cardano’s Marlowe Protocol Undergoes Comprehensive Audit

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain startup behind the Cardano protocol has announced the comprehensive audit checks that the Marlowe protocol has just completed as it goes live on Mainnet. As revealed, the audit was conducted both internally and externally by Tweag as the protocol seeks to guarantee the mix of innovation with security.

As a blockchain network with a keen focus on innovation, Cardano developed the Marlowe protocol to provide a safe and intuitive avenue for creators to deploy smart contracts in an easy way. While it has been in development for quite some time, the latest update revealed that Marlowe is now available on the mainnet for early adopters.

With security already guaranteed through the audit whose report IOHK said it will publish at a later date, developers can now start testing the protocol and provide feedback. 

“Marlowe has been internally and externally audited by @tweagio, increasing assurance of a safe environment for contract use on mainnet. It levereges the power of #Plutus, providing strong assurances via formal proofs, testing, and analysis tools,” the update reads.

Key Benefits of the Marlowe Smart Contract Tool

There are several core benefits that Marlowe will introduce into the Cardano ecosystem including guardrails which will present the smart contract protocol as a playground that will offer a simulator environment to test contracts before deploying them on mainnet with real funds.

With Cardano focused on enhancing the productivity of builders within its network, it has designed the Marlowe protocol to be very accessible. The protocol noted that the “availability of tutorials, guides, and best practices make Marlowe user friendly and accessible,” adding that it is “compatible with JavaScript and Haskell, and allows for seamless integration of smart contracts into DApps.”

The smart contract protocol is also fast and efficient, one crucial feature that has helped many emerging layer-2 protocols like Polygon zkEVM to create a pecking order amongst their peers. Cardano is striving to outshine Ethereum as the best enabler of smart contracts and decentralized applications in the industry.

While it is still far behind in this pursuit, the launch of Marlowe will help it close the gap and with other protocols like Hydra in active development, the future looks bright for the protocol

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