Bitcoin In Spotlight With Michael Dell’s Latest Poll, Is Dell Going Big On BTC?

 Bitcoin In Spotlight With Michael Dell’s Latest Poll, Is Dell Going Big On BTC?

Michael Dell, the Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, recently conducted a poll on X (formerly Twitter). The post sparked significant speculation about the tech giant’s potential interest in Bitcoin (BTC). The poll, which asked followers to vote on “the most important thing,” included options like AI, Bitcoin, love and relationships, and none of the above.

Bitcoin Bags Highest Vote On Michael Dell’s Poll

Bitcoin received the highest number of votes, which came from approximately 21,380 participants. Hence, the oldest crypto secured 45% out of 47,513 votes at the time. This result wasn’t entirely unexpected, given Dell’s subtle hints about his interest in BTC.

Bitcoin maximalists were quick to jump on Dell’s latest actions with exchanges like Kraken also joining the fray. Earlier, on June 21, Dell suggested following the Cookie Monster on X, but what truly caught the attention of the BTC community was an image of the Cookie Monster eating cookies adorned with the Bitcoin logo.

This further cemented the idea that Dell might be leaning towards BTC again. Moreover, adding fuel to the fire, Dell had also reposted a message from MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor that read, “#Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity.” A day before this repost, Dell had tweeted, “Scarcity creates value.” Furthermore, it has only heightened the buzz around his potential interest in Bitcoin.

Earlier, Dell Technologies adopted Bitcoin as a payment means in 2014. However, in 2017, the company decided to seize BTC payments due to low demand. Nonetheless, given the history of Dell and BTC, the recent rumors have sparked massive optimism in the crypto space.

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The Apple Saga

The Bitcoin community has seen similar excitement around another tech giant, Apple. Recently, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor posted a cryptic message on X: “Take a ₿ite.” He posted the message alongside an image of a blue apple featuring the legendary BTC logo.

The clever wordplay in Saylor’s post pointed toward Apple’s iconic bitten apple logo. Moreover, it ignited rumors that Apple might be considering a Bitcoin purchase. With Apple’s substantial cash reserves, currently over $47 billion, the company certainly has the financial capacity for significant investments.

Moreover, in an interview with Robin Seyr, Saylor shed light on the potential collaboration between Apple and Bitcoin. He suggested that Apple could integrate Bitcoin’s network security features into its ecosystem. He said, “When Apple encounters Bitcoin, I think they may look at it and think, ‘Wait a minute… Bitcoin multi-signature Cloud, what if we actually make the Apple Watch a signing device and combine it with the iPhone and a third device on a laptop?’”

In addition, Saylor envisioned a future where Apple could become a major player in the financial sector by offering secure, easy-to-use multisig solutions. He speculated, “Maybe the future biggest bank in the world is Apple Computer.” The implications of such a move by either Dell or Apple could be bigger than expected.

It would not only boost Bitcoin as a mainstream asset but also promote institutional adoption of the crypto. However, as of yet, neither Dell nor Apple have made an official comment on the matter, which is led to ambiguity in the community.

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