Bitcoin (BTC) returns above $30,000

 Bitcoin (BTC) returns above $30,000

Bitcoin is kicking off the new week in good shape. After a lackluster month in May, the coin appears to be finding some decent uptrend. But how long can this upward trajectory last? Well, we will look at this in detail below but first, check these points:

  • Bitcoin has managed to climb above $30,000 once again after a whole week of weakness

  • Despite this, the coin is yet to surpass an important overhead resistance of $30,750

  • BTC could surge towards $32,500 if the resistance above is broken

Data Source: TradingView 

Will BTC go bullish this week?

It is highly unlikely we will see a notable bullish run for BTC this week. Yes, shooting above $30,00 is of course a good sign. But despite this, BTC still remains suppressed below a crucial resistance zone of around $30,750. 

The last time BTC tried to smash this price, the coin was firmly rejected. In the end, it fell sharply and bottomed at around $28,500. However, if bulls can find enough momentum over the coming days to push the coin above $30,750, then we might see Bitcoin surge and settle at around $32,500. This will be an upswing of around 10% from the current price. 

However, we do not see any further upside above $32,500 for now. The overall sentiment in the market hasn’t changed that much to suggest that BTC is poised for a bull run this week. Instead, the coin will go through the usual volatility but could still remain above $30,000 by the week’s end.

What is BTC’s realistic price in 2022?

A lot has been said about BTC hitting $100,000 this year. But this remains highly unlikely. Some experts in fact note that BTC could end the year at around $38,000. 

There is also a real possibility the coin could hit $50,000 as well. It all depends on how fast the risk-off sentiment in the market abates.

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