Apple Officially Launches Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset, Available in Early 2024

 Apple Officially Launches Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset, Available in Early 2024

The Apple Vision Pro headset comes with a wide array of features including 4K screens and Spatial Audio, and will first launch in the US.

At the Monday Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) officially announced its mixed reality Vision Pro headset priced at $3,499. The announcement is the tech giant’s first major product in nine years since the Apple Watch launched in 2014.

Apple’s Vision Pro will offer users a new way to experience surrounding spaces and also use existing apps. Anyone can watch movies, play video games, or view 3-D.

Features of Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset

For interaction and safety, Apple included an EyeSight feature with the Vision Pro headset. This feature switches the headset between opaque and transparent so people within view can see whether or not the user is immersed in the content they are viewing or listening to.

Users can control the device’s visionOS with their eyes and hands. The device supports connection with the iPhone and Bluetooth devices such as the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Keyboard. The Vision Pro also comes equipped with 12 cameras that track user movement, and two 4K displays. Using passthrough video, the Vision Pro lets users see the world clearly while enjoying a full display of screen objects, such as a message thread pulled out for a better view. Furthermore, users can control the headset using voice commands.

While the Apple Vision Pro uses a custom dual-core M2 chip, it also runs with a new R1 chip that processes images from the cameras, microphones, and sensors. Via the R1, the headset streams fresh images in a maximum of 12ms, reportedly 8 times faster than a normal eye blink.

Furthermore, users can enjoy Spatial Audio, which allows them to enjoy sound originating from several points in a room. FaceTime calls using Vision Pro show each person on the call in life-size images. Combining this with Spatial Audio allows users to feel like they are seeing and talking to someone in the room.

In addition to these experiences, Apple announced a few partnerships the Vision Pro would support. For instance, Disney CEO Bob Iger joined the presentation on stage, declaring that the entertainment company’s streaming service Disney+ would be available on the Vision Pro at launch. Apple’s Vision Pro will launch in the US early next year.

Apple Stock

In premarket trading, Apple stock rose by 1% to $182 in anticipation of the big Vision Pro reveal. However, it fell to $179.21 in after-hours trading after hitting a high of $184.95 during active trading. AAPL has been trading in green so far, with a 2.37% increase over the last 5 days, 3.5% in 1 month, and nearly 15% over the past three months. AAPL’s 1-year and year-to-date (YTD) changes are 22.88% and 38.21%, respectively.

Apple’s last earnings report shows interesting figures, including $28.6 billion in operating cash flow, $23 billion to shareholders, and a cash dividend of $0.24 per share.

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