3 projects on Solana that could revolutionise P2E gaming and the metaverse

 3 projects on Solana that could revolutionise P2E gaming and the metaverse

Solana is one of the biggest blockchains in the world. The project was in fact referred to as the ultimate “Ethereum Killer” based on what it has to offer. Over the years, Solana has grown and is now attracting a series of play to earn and metaverse projects with massive potential. Here is why:

  • Solana offers incredible transaction speeds for P2E and metaverse apps.

  • The chain is also known for its low gas fees, making P2E more sustainable.

  • Solana is a highly scalable and adaptable chain too.

So, if you are looking for potentially big P2E and metaverse investments, these three Solana based projects below should be worth it:

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is a galactic themed game set in a vast metaverse. The game brings together three major factions where users can form guilds and build planetary empires. Each player needs an NFT backed spaceship to enter. Data Source: TradingView 

There are many rewards all throughout the game. Star Atlas is known for its epic gameplay, amazing graphics, and excellent features. It has also been attracting a huge number of players. It sure has a big future and is worth looking at.

Aurory (AURY)

Aurory is a role-playing game from Japan. The game is an adventure style metaverse with retro-style features. Players get various game modes. They can start off with a solo adventure or go on multiplayer modes where they engage with friends. There are tons of rewards within the game too, and so much to discover. The Aurory metaverse has also been expanding and adding incredible new features.

Genopets (GENE)

Genopets is a fun and exciting game that also doubles up as a lifestyle app for folks who love to get out. There are many NFT rewards too, and while the project is facing a lot of competition from other moves to earn games, it’s a great investment option.

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